Corporate Governance Litigation

Effective corporate governance procedures are a significant prophylactic means of protecting against breaches of fiduciary duty and other abuses by a company’s directors and officers. Accordingly, the firm assists its clients, whether institutions or individuals, to effect corporate governance changes at companies and in taking other steps to ensure the accountability of a company’s board of directors and senior management.

For example, the firm has experience in investigating and bringing litigation to challenge such matters as:

  • executive compensation;
  • the adequacy of disclosure of executive perquisites;
  • related party transactions between a company and its officers;
  • corporate transactions that result in shareholder dilution and other harm to shareholders;
  • the nomination and appointment of directors.

Corporate governance changes can be effected by bringing a derivative action on behalf of the company to assert breaches of fiduciary duty by the company’s board or officers, or as part of the settlement of a related securities litigation.