Securities Litigation

The firm has extensive experience in bringing lawsuits in federal and state trial and appellate courts to recover for losses sustained due to fraud, negligence and other violations of federal and state securities laws. The firm represents institutional investors, such as pension funds, investment funds and hedge funds, as well as individual investors.

Securities litigation may be brought to recover for losses sustained in a wide variety of contexts, including losses sustained on stocks purchased on the stock markets, in circumstances where the investor purchased shares of stock based on fraudulent misstatements or omissions by a company and its management; losses on complex derivatives such as collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and notes issued by structured investment vehicles (SIVs), in circumstances where the issuer of the security and the arranger or underwriter failed to adequately disclose the nature or risks of the underlying assets, or where the arranger had rigged the derivative instrument so that it was guaranteed to fail; and even losses sustained on agreements to participate in the profits in an oil and gas exploration project.

When an investor sustains losses on the same security as other investors, it may decide to pursue recovery as part of a class action. Alternatively, the investor may seek to “opt out” of the class action, and pursue recovery individually. As results of several studies have shown, an investor in an opt-out action frequently recovers more than an investor who is part of a class action. Frequently, the recovery by an opt-out plaintiff will be multiples of the amounts recovered by members of a class. If you have received notification of the filing of a class action, and you are uncertain as to your legal options, we will discuss your investments and losses, and assist you in deciding the best course to maximize your recovery.